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Reitio Partners with CryptApe DAO!

Reitio is excited to join forces with CryptApe DAO, the world-famous crypto jungle establishment!

Boasting a sizeable French community and web3 industry experts, CryptApe DAO will provide tremendous strategic value to Reitio as the project navigates its early bootstrapping phase.

The collaboration opens the door for Reitio to tap into the diversified skillsets of CryptApe DAO members, ranging from development and marketing support, as well as advising on protocol-level matters.

The Reitio official MVP launch and TGE is scheduled for the end of Q4 2022.

About CryptApe DAO

CryptApe DAO is a community of experts passionate about blockchain and web3 technologies. CryptApe DAO supports daring entrepreneurs and provide them with the tools and knowledge necessary to realize their projects.

The CryptApe community advocates values of hard work, merit and sharing — with the aim of helping the entrepreneurs and enthusiasts of tomorrow’s world towards achieving their goals.

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Team Reitio
Team Reitio

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