⦿ Real-time Dev Status
- Portal v0.11 Testnet
- NFT Minter Implementation

Cross-Chain Network


CCRP: cross-chain routing protocol. 

Enables users to initiate a “create_3D_asset” transaction
from any chain, and pay platform fees and artist royalties with any token. Nonetheless, $REIGN remains the sole token to be consumed by the smart contract — the associated token will be swapped to $REIGN in order to conduct operations within the Reitio ecosystem. 


OCNP: omni-chain NFT protocol. 

Native integration with web3 virtual worlds allow for deployment of 3D NFTs in one-click without leaving the Reitio UI. Under-the-hood, OCNP resides on Reitio’s source chain: it retrieves calls from the Reitio VAS and 3D NFT Creator, mints a “parent NFT” on the source chain, then mints “child NFTs” on destination chains based on the intended world(s) of the 3D NFT. Child NFTs carry metadata and attributes pointing to the Reitio VAS, which locates the associated 3D resource and loads it to the subject world.



PS: Further details to be released closer to implementation.


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