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- Portal v0.11 Testnet
- NFT Minter Implementation

Marketplace & Listing Hub


Artemis v1: a Reitio-native 3D NFT marketplace. 


Community 3D artists and Reitio partners can list their own Bundle (a collection of ready-made 3D assets) or Crate (a set of customizable 3D templates and elements) pre-launch of the Reitio 3D NFT Creator. Buyers will be able to exchange purchased NFTs from Artemis with Reitio 3D assets, templates, and elements upon the alpha launch of the Reitio 3D NFT Creator.



Artemis v2
introduces The Armoury: an interface for community 3D artists and Reitio partners to directly list 3D templates or elements to the Reitio VAS (Virtual Asset System) and set their pay-per-use royalty terms, to be indexed for the users’ choosing.



PS: Further details to be released closer to implementation.


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