Capsule: Your Metaverse Profile for Cross-World 3D NFTs

Thousands of years living in the harsh conditions of post-Akidød Reidrøm has caused the population of Reiæres to decrease up to the point of near-extinction. The remaining Reiæres find themselves capable of manipulating a mysterious energy source on Reidrøm, widely believed to only emerge post-Akidød.

Hegion Access Card


Risk Disclaimer

The Hegion Access Card (HAC) NFT collection has not been released. Any tokens or NFTs bearing exact or similar sounding names to "Reitio" or "Hegion" are scams. Only trust official information published on this website, or on Reitio's official social accounts as stated on this website. Reitio, Hegion, or any other partner will never contact you directly to offer support.

Never share your private key or seed phrase with anybody. Never click links sent to you via direct messages on Discord, Twitter, or other channels. Do not connect your wallet/Metamask to websites sent to you directly. Reitio or Hegion will not bear responsibility for any loss of funds as a result of your negligence.

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